Childrens Party Example Menu 1

Sandwiches – 1 each Choose From:
Jam, Cream Cheese, Ham, Cheddar Cheese,
Roast Chicken, Chocolate Spread
Home Made Sausage Rolls – 1 per child
Cocktail Sausages – 2 per child
Carrot & Cucumber Sticks – 2 of each
Packet of Original Hula Hoops
Cadbury Freddo Chocolate bar
Juice Cup – orange or blackcurrant
Sandwiches will be in a sealed sandwich bag and served in a recyclable brown paper bag along with the packet of hula hoops, Freddo bar and juice cup.
Sausage rolls/cocktail sausages and carrot & cucumber sticks will be served on platters to be put onto the table.
Cost – £3.50 per child

Download the childrens party example menu 1 here

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